Why the leaves of passion fruit are gaining increased recognition?

Why the leaves of passion fruit are gaining increased recognition?

People from all around the world are aware of the great taste and benefits of the year round found passion fruits (a.k.a. Maracujá or maracuya). The vitamins and mineral contents in it make it an excellent choice for healthy and glowing skin apart from many other medical benefits. The thing that is less known is the benefits of the leaves from the same plants. But with each passing day, individuals are taking an added interest in the miraculous leaves of the fruit as well.

It is one of the easiest plants to cultivate and requires putting in the least amount of effort. As it is basically a creeper, it grows by growing tendrils to draw support from all nearby objects and other big trees. The contributions of the fruit extract components in the beauty industry are one of the main reasons for individuals to explore the benefits of the leaves as well.

Description and taste of the leaves

The passionfruit (leaves) can vary from small to medium range in terms of size. They are typically lobed or have an oblong appearance and ranges from about 7 cm to 20 cm in overall length. Depending on the variety, there are about three to five lobes in each leaf. The upper surface of the leaf constitutes a glossy dark green and smooth texture while the underside has a matte finished pale appearance. The edges are toothed or serrated and they commonly grow in alternate patterns.

The taste of the superfruit leaves is tender and constitutes a mild green flavor to taste. The usage of the fruits is quite famous on date. But the leaves take no step behind when it comes to the beneficial effects.

Nutrition content

The superfruit are known to have a lot of nutrition of its own. But the leaves are not left behind in any way. The major components of the leaves that add to its benefits are the contents of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, natural fiber and niacin. The leaves are also known to be great sources of alkaloids like Harman and many more. These compounds contribute to its sedative and soothing characteristics.

Benefits of passion fruit leaves

Some of the main benefits of the green passion fruit leaves include:

  • Blood circulation improvement

It is one of the most prominent benefits of the leaf extracts. It helps to regulate the blood circulation and promote an improoved flow of blood within the entire body. It also works to reduce fat blocks in the blood channels.

  • Maintain blood tension

As it helps to regulate the blood circulation, it also contributes to managing blood pressure. Thus it is one of the best natural medicines for individuals suffering from symptoms of hypertension. It works to keep the blood pressure in control, marinating the level of tension in your blood vessels. It also aids the individuals to maintain and promote their cardiovascular health as it manages the levels of LDL and HDL in blood. That means it also works to keep the health of your heart at full potential and reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Maintains eye health

The leaves are known for the contents of Vitamin A. It helps to keep the eye health under maintenance and thus is one of the best options for kids and elderly who wants to keep their eyes healthy. The leaves are also known to soothe eye irritation and help to control eye inflammation.

Apart from these, the leaves are also known for its usefulness to cure insomnia, anemia and regulate the levels of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Passion fruit leaves – how to use it?

The fresh taste of the passionfruit (leaves) provides a great platform to experiment with it. It can be used in a lot of ways. The simplest and easiest ways to avail the benefits of the young and tender leaves of the passion fruit climber is by using it to prepare some salads. You can use the raw leafy greens along with the other common salad ingredients. Individuals also prefer to use the leaves to cook the greens in spinach-like preparations such as curries, pastas, quiches, soups and stir fries.

You can just take some leaves and bring it to boil in a pan. The color of the water will soon change. You can then use the extracts by straining it to a cup and adding some lime juice or honey to it.

Another way to use the leaves is in its dry form. You can just collect the fresh green leaves and dry them in the sun. Using the extract for herbal remedies or for preparing calming teas is a lot common among individuals.

You can use it any other way you like. Users are often known to just remove the stems and roll the leaves up. They then slice it finely and use it to prepare some great sambal along with lime juice, chilies, onion and coconut. It can also be chopped finely and used in many other preparations and used as anyone would use coriander or mint leaves in many dishes.

It can also be used in preparations of chicken, pork or beefs. The leaves add a great taste to the preparations.



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