Why and how to use exotic Jabuticaba – the Brazilian superfruit

Why and how to use exotic Jabuticaba – the Brazilian superfruit

Jabuticaba, or the Brazilian grape fruit, is one of the rarest and most exotic fruits known for its taste and flavor. It is a white pulped purplish-black fruit that is widely used for a lot of purposes. You can eat it raw and devour its rich pure taste. You can also use the fruit to prepare a lot of delicious dishes including jam, ice cream and deserts. Jabuticaba also finds great applications in tarts, liqueurs and strong wines.

The tree that grows the fruit is native and specific to the southeastern parts of Brazil only. This prevents the global access to the fruit. The saddest part of the fruit that prevents the world from freely enjoying its benefits is its short shelf life. It starts to ferment within 3 to 4 days of harvesting it from the tree. That means the fruit cannot travel far. Apart from the exotic taste of the Jabotica, it also has a lot of health benefits that coin it the term super fruit. The indigenous Brazilian peoples tradition has known to use the extract of the skins dried in sun to prepare a decoction to be used as an astringent. It can be used to treat diarrhea, asthma, gargling for treating chronic tonsil inflammation and even hemoptysis. There are certain compounds in the fruit that are widely known for their antioxidant potentials, anti-carcinogenic and inflammatory properties. The most prominent among them is jaboticabin.

How can the fruit benefit you?

There are a lot ways that the superfruit can benefit your health. The most common ones of this detoxing agent include:

  • The fruit can have stimulating effects on the bronchial airways and help them to open up. That makes it a great choice for asthma patients. It also works as an astringent for diarrhea and heal tonsil inflammations.
  • Rich in antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory components.
  • Acts as an anti-aging fruit.
  • The protein content of the fruit is very high. Also, it has loads of vital minerals such as phosphorus, iron and calcium. It is also a great source of vitamin C and some components of Vitamin B complex. But for the calorie count, it is pretty low.
  • It has great benefits for the GI tract.
  • Useful for treating arthritis pain, hair loss and skin diseases.
  • Huge reserves of flavonoid, multi-phenolic essential fatty acids compounds.

How to use it?

There are a lot of ways by which you can use the fruit. You can just eat the whole fruit or extract its flavor for using in other dishes. The easiest dishes to make using Jabuticaba include:

  • Caipirinha

This is one of the best options for coming up with an exotic drink and surprise your guests. You do not need great mocktail skills for coming up with this. You can just put a handful of the fruit at in the mixer and add some sugar to taste. Add some ice to it. Cachaça acts one of the best bases for the drink, especially for its taste and great combination with the fruit. Blend it in the mixer and serve it in glasses. If you want, you can add in a few extra ice cubes on top of the glass. If you want to keep it even more original, you can just mash the fruit at the glass’s bottom, add on the other ingredients and stir it well before serving.

  • Jabuticaba Jelly

As the fresh fruit cannot be stored long, the best way to enjoy its exotic taste is to store it as jam or jelly. At it can last for many weeks and you do not to worry about its spoiling. Also, making jams is super easy and time efficient. It serves as one of the best breakfast supplements to top a toast. All you need to do is mash the fruit in any utensil and put it to gentle heat. As the pulp and the juice comes out, add some water and bring it to bubble. Crush any chunks of the fruit against the pan wall and sieve it to extract the juices. Take the extracts back to the pan and add sugar. As the liquid amount gets reduced, add a cinnamon stick or cloves to enhance the flavor if you want to. You can also use a jelly setter if you wish to. Transfer it to jam jars and refrigerate once cooled to room temperature.

  • Ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And the Jabuticaba flavor on top of that further adds on to its delicacy. Mash the fruit in a pan to bring out the juices and add some water. First, bring it to boil but don’t overcook. Turn down the heat and simmer it till the texture becomes tender. Let it rest a night and bring it to boil again on the following day. Add sugar to the strained juice and stir it well to dissolve. All that is left is to slowly add the juice to the milk, mix it well and freeze.

It can also be used to make a lot of sweet dishes, deserts and many traditional Brazilian dishes as well.

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