You’ve never heard of this superfruit!

You’ve never heard of this superfruit!

(or: In praise of the Amazon forest fruits.)

The Amazon forest tropical fruits are bright coloured, evolved for millions of years Native amazon forest fruitsin macro and micro habitats where plants had plenty of resources and time to experiment with infinite shapes and formulas. They are sweet and juicy (and unknown!), and being plenty, the local markets offers swells of them. A vast array of vitamins and their combinations, new flavours, antioxidants, essential amino acids, you name it, and there is a fruit that has it. The jungle isn't just a place inhabited by the wild, it also has wild resources that could nurture the traveller. The Amazon is divided among several regions, all of them have a space in the forest and every bit of the forest a different diversity of plants and their fruits.


Below are a few of the Amazon fruits, of which at least one of them,I am certain, you have never heard about (or at least you didn’t know it was originary from the Amazon!)


Pitahaya (aka dragon fruit) – Origin Central or South America



This Pithaya - Pitaia - Pitahyasweet fruit belongs to the kiwi family. It's a favourite delicacy for those who wish to increase daily vitamin intake.

The sweet flavour is a representation of the mineral capacities of the fruit. It's effective in combating constipation (!) - this is due to the discrete number of tubers...
Vitamins ensure that the body is supplied with all the nutrients. Pitahaya may also help in managing stress-related effects.



It looks like a huge bean with a soft and thick skin.  Their texture encourages the people who go looking for the fruits. Its  relatively easy to tell the difference between the fruit and the others . This is contributed to by the strange texture. Although the inside is selfish, the remaining soft flesh makes a  good serving.

One can pull the flesh from the fruit gently. The very high fiber content helps the natural body regulation. This Superfruit is packed full of energy and some protein and is recommended to those that are very active and do lots of exercise.

Cocona – (aka Cubiu) Around the western Amazon basin


With soft yellow flesh, this fruit is easily traceable at the Amazon forest. It’s the best deal given that the whole fruit is edible, you get the nutrition of the flesh and skin and the seeds also serve as nutrition agents as well. The raw fruits have some bitterness which sparks the taste buds!


The fruit can be easily converted to other edible formats like juice and smoothie. Others dine by topping up the fruit with banana chops. The remedy strengthens the immune system in the fight against blood sugar. A serving of this fruit could be accompanied by unlimited intake of water.


Cocona boasts the body's resistance to disease infections. Most certainly the fruit species can be eaten raw. However, the species of the fruit have spikes amongst the edible flesh in the wilderness.


Given that it is rare even among the traditional peoples that live in or around the amazon basin, it is an obscure fruit that can offer several benefits to the consumer if studied further.


Cacao fruit – Amazon Basin

They depend  on thorn trees for their livelihood. They are the mothers of cocoa beans — the tropical supplement number one remedy for aging. Its peel has a huge supply of antioxidants. The heart is well taken care of by the flavonoids.  This helps in reversing the negative effects of fatty foods in the heart. The natural chocolate can be used as a peel on the soft skin. Mostly,  if these fruits are used for medicinal purposes,  then weight loss is one of the current issues that the trees stem. 

Cacau - Cacao

The physical activity of the body can also be increased by the nutrient base of this fruit. This would then lead to burning the calories.

Jaboticaba – Tropical and subtropical Rainforest

JaboticabaThis delicious grape-like fruit is highly appreciated by the native peoples of southeastern South America.

They are sweet and juicy, the dark purple skin can be a little sour and hard, but it is flavoursome, however some people just eat the white flesh inside and discard the nutrient rich skin at their own loss!

The stark contrast of the exterior and interior colour may surprise you and if you have the chance to see it on the “source” you might be surprised again because the flowers and fruits grow directly from the trunks and not from the tips of the branches, as usually happens.

Maracuya (Passion fruit)– Subtropical rainforest

Maracuya - Passion Fruit

It's a common tropical fruit. Some fondly refer to it as the passion fruit. It is sour when raw and very sweet when ripe.  Most people prefer to enjoy it as a juice extract.  Maracuya tastes great whenever mixed with sweet fruits like mangoes or pineapples. At the beginning,  keep the taste simple but deliciously  delicate. Its better to grabs a few and use as a smoke si that one can identify the ripe ones. These fruits supply the body with vitamins. They also help in developing Strong teeth.

The contents are prepared by breaking into the hard shell. 



A good mood makes things work out. This means that the levels of estrogen have to be kept at balanced rates. It doesn't matter the part that you need. When it comes to Aguaje, what stands is the level of comfort. The Aguaje deal involves staying around and splashing oneself with antioxidants. Poor Aguaje is  often referred to as the ugly fruit, however this doesn't bring it down. Some reports Aguaje as a good fruit to counter cancer cells.

Parting shot

If you travel to the Amazon, utilize the local resources to built a strong  connection with nature. Reserve some time to to go to a grocery store  and consume the local produce regularly. Don't be afraid to experiement and be bold! For a successful Amazon fruit tasting party, go early and make it part of the physical activities.

As you work out to enjoy,  the antioxidants in the Amazon fruits  leave you wondering how well the skin has been toned. This double deal makes the extracts from the fruits  more valuable. Before enrolling for the that expensive trip, revalue how much you can feed in and enjoy at the amazing forest.

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