The science behind Jaboticaba extract amazing effects

The science behind Jaboticaba extract amazing effects


Multiple recent scientific studies have shown that Jaboticaba extract is a powerful nutraceutical supplement and that it has a large proportion of safe bioactive compounds. In 2017-18 three separate in vivo studies published in the Journal of Nutrition and MetabolismPharma Nutrition and Journal of Functional Foods(1)(2)(5) have shown that supplementation with Jaboticaba peel extract and Jaboticaba peel powder have an excellent potential as nutraceutical support for the treatment of Metabolic Disease and accumulation of fat in the liver. According to the results of the studies Jaboticaba protects the Liver of Diabetic mice by reducing accumulation of Fat and preventing Prediabetes conditions. The scientists administered controlled doses of the extract to aging mice on a high fat diet and the analysis showed that in the older mice, doses of the jaboticaba peel extract prevented weight gain, mitigated the inflammatory process and reduced hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia, averting prediabetes. In addition, the extract raised HDL levels and boosted the activity of receptors associated with insulin. And that is not all: “the extract improved liver morphology in the animals” one of the researchers said.

The group is currently conducting a study to evaluate the use of jaboticaba peel extract to delay prostate cancer progression in transgenic mice. Preliminary results suggest that the extract reduced lesions in the prostate. “We noted a substantial improvement in prostate morphology, as well as reduced oxidative stress and inflammation,” the scientist said. The key to the healing powers of Jaboticaba peel powder and extract seem to be its capacity to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. “The reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress led to an improvement in prostate tissue and molecular structure.” Previous studies conducted in 2013 by Cambridge University showed that Freeze-dried jaboticaba peel powder improves insulin sensitivity in high-fat-fed mice. (3) These findings have been confirmed in one of the studies from 2018.

Another study from 2017 also found that Jaboticaba peel extract is helpful on the reduction of systemic inflammation and also showed that Jaboticaba peel extract improved the lipid profile and increased the insulin sensitivity in mice fed a high-fat diet (4). This study has shown that a smaller dose in the form of extract had the same effect of Freeze dried Jaboticaba peel powder but was much more convenient and consistent in quality.


Jaboticaba peel powder and extracts have been found to cause no harmful side effect. Because it has a mild vasodilation effect caution is advised for users with a diagnosis of low blood pressure. Jaboticaba is considered to be amongst the “rarely allergenic” list of fruits alongside apples, pears, figs, lemons, prunes, bananas, papayas and watermelons.

About Jaboticaba:

Jaboticaba is a fruit with a similar shape to a grape, hence the alternative name Brazilian Grape-tree, and it is widely consumed in Brazil in many forms, raw, in jams, juices, in other food preparations as pies and cakes and is perfectly safe. It does not contain caffeine and is relatively low sugar, considering it is a fruit. Jaboticaba is very sensitive and degrades very fast, therefore it is very difficult to find Jaboticaba far from the places that produce them. The tree yield is low and it takes a very long time to start producing, so the commercial production is not so widespread and the cost is high. It is very common for people to plant it in their gardens, since it is somewhat hard to find in shops and markets.

Extract of Life’s Jaboticaba extract is produced in Brazil from freshly picked fruits in our very modern laboratory with state of the art equipment. The factory has all the health and safety certifications required and packed in a high quality HDPE bottle with a modern sleeve type label.

We make sure the producer is paid fairly and your money helps small producers in deprived rural areas in Brazil. We also make sure that the orchards aren’t in deforestation regions. Our bottles are made of 100% recyclable HDPE bottles with PET labels. Good for you, good for the people that produce it and good for the planet.


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