Guarana seeds – all you need to know about Brazilian Cocoa

Guarana seeds – all you need to know about Brazilian Cocoa

A plant named after a tribe from Amazon, the Guarana is one of the best competitors of green tea and coffee in terms of some of the most beneficial beverages of all time. It is also known as Brazilian Cocoa in the common market. Similar to coffee, its seeds are brewed to serve the drink. On date, guarana seeds are widely known for its medicinal benefits. Some of the most prominent benefits of the seed extract include great boosts for weight loss and providing the body with athletic performance ability. It also promotes mental performance and an overall energy surge. Though a lot more research is still required to substantiate its more potential benefits, it is gaining quite popularity in recent times.

Caffeine is the main component of the Guarana superfruit. Apart from that, there are many other active components present in the seeds as well. As we all know, caffeine works to stimulate the heart, muscles and even the central nervous system of the body. The other beneficial components of the Brazilian Cocoa include theobromine and theophylline. These compounds are also known to have similar properties as caffeine.

Health benefits

Though studies show a lot of health benefits linked to regular usage of Guarana extracts in right amount, they are not sufficient enough to substantiate the facts. More research is required to establish evidences on the following potential benefits of guarana:

  • Weight loss

The seed is known to have some effects on the body that brings in more appetite. This makes it a great choice for obese adults. It also acts to promote metabolism for almost a period of 12 hours. That further aids to the calorie burn process and help to suppress the production of fat cells and slow it down.

  • Develop attention and concentration

Similar to coffee, the caffeine content in the seed extract are one of the best ways to make the mind sharp and promote focus. Apart from that, it also boosts the mental energy and enables you to deliver a better performance. The seeds are about four to six times more potent than coffee beans. It also acts to promote your learning capabilities as well.

  • Rich sources of antioxidants

It has some of the most well known antioxidants including caffeine, catechins, tannins, theobromine and saponins. If you have firm knowledge on the constituents of green tea, then you can almost derive a similar profile for the components. These acts to neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals and slows down aging, cancer causing cells and heart diseases.

  • Chronic Diarrhea and Constipation

Though there is not much evidence to support the benefits of the Brazilian Cocoa in relieving constipation and diarrhea, studies have shown they might include some effects. The plant component tannin is known to be greatly beneficial for its anti-diarrhea properties and is widely used as an astringent as well. Also, caffeine acts as one of the best natural laxatives. It stimulates peristalsis and promotes colon and intestine muscle contraction. The dose can determine which component gets the chance to show its effects.

  • Antibacterial properties

The seeds are loaded with compounds known to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and kill the same. That includes both harmful gut that cause diarrhea and oral bacteria that promote plaque deposition and stale breath.

  • Better skin texture

The great antioxidant and antimicrobial components in the seed makes it one of the most popular choices in the cosmetic industry. It finds best applications in anti-aging creams, hair products, lotions and soaps. It also boosts the flow of blood into the skin and reduces skin aging damages such as fine lines and wrinkles and promotes skin tightness.

  • Pain relief

The native Amazonian tribes are known to widely use the seed extracts as one of the most powerful natural pain relievers. The high caffeine contents plays crucial role in managing excess pain as it regulates the adenosine receptors and reduces the pain sensations.


The ideal quantity of guarana seeds for daily diet can vary depending on a lot of factors. Some of the most prominent ones include the age, health and any other pre-existing medical condition of the user. The studies are currently insufficient to state the exact dose range for this Brazilian superfruit but it can range anywhere between 50 mg to 1000 mg. Ideally, a regular dose of about 50 to 75 mg can be most beneficial without bringing in any side effects.

The ideal dose can also vary depending upon the location and concentration of the seed extracts. But one thing that the users need to keep in mind is that not every natural thing is absolutely harmless. Prolonged dependence on the seed can bring in a lot of long term health affects including anxiety, diabetes and seizures. Excess consumption in pregnant woman can be problematic and bring in breastfeeding issues. Uncontrolled amounts can also instigate bleeding disorders, diarrhea, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Osteoporosis and schizophrenia apart from incontinence, glaucoma and irritable bowel syndrome are also known to be linked to the side effects of excess dependence on the Brazilian Cocoa. Since it is very rarely offered to the general public, the most common way to consume Guaraná is in powder. To avoid risk of excess consumption take supplement extract capsules, such as these, according to the recommended dose.



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